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Social Buttons for your WordPress site

Social Discussions plugin enables sharing of content to over 30+ social networks, including:
  1. Google +1
  2. Facebook Like
  3. Twitter button
  4. LinkedIn Share
  5. Pinterest
  6. StumbleUpon
  7. Digg
  8. Reddit
  9. Email

Social Button Styles

Social Discussions plugin provides 4 widget styles to choose from:

  1. Social Sharing Buttons with Counters.
  2. Social Sharing Buttons.
  3. Social Sharing Icons widget.
  4. Social Sharing Icon widget.

Auto-Publish to Social Networks

Plugin also enables you to Automatically Publish your Blog Posts to 20+ Networks, including:
  1. Facebook Profile/Wall
  2. Facebook Pages
  3. Facebook Events
  4. Facebook Groups
  5. Twitter
  6. LinkedIn
  7. MySpace
  8. Yammer
  9. Identi.ca
  10. Status.net
  11. Socialcast
  12. Plurk
  13. Sonico
  14. Delicious
  15. Diigo
  16. Foursquare
  17. WordPress.com Blog
  18. WordPress.org Blog
  19. Blogger
  20. Tumblr
  21. Typepad

Installation and configuration

Checkout the installation, activation, and configuration guides that we have created.


For getting support, open a ticket here.

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